Friday, September 19, 2014


I have this travelling itch crawling through my skin
but yet, everyday I'm just too tired to hunt for value for money airfares.

When I get home, sometimes, all I want to do is to take a shower and just head to bed and countdown until the weekend comes. 

I am thankful for everything but yet, a part of me is discontented at the same time. 
Thankful and discontented - an oxymoron feeling.

At this current 'phase' I'm in, if I were to describe my days, it would be a bucketful of fatigue + constant questioning about what am I doing? + what am I doing about it? + questions and more questions + soliloquies in my head.

And maybe, the easiest way for me to get past this is to just book a flight (or two) so that instead of harping on the whole routine of 'work life', I'll have something to look forward to - a splendid getaway with the husband, family and friends. 

Yeap, that's what I totally need. I KNOW IT!

And there comes that voice of reason - $, you think you print money ah, what about the house reno, this is why you can't keep a pet, etc.

But but but I can't turn back the clock on my youth and I should travel while I am still all alive and kicking and while I am in my 'prime years' - in two years time *brrrr*, I'll be hitting THREE 0 NO! 

I have made up my mind - travel I shall :)

In the meantime, some pictures that I took out and about in Paris :

Mike looks superimposed in this pic. LOL.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello. I'm back here. I know that it's been awhile - from posting 30 posts a month to 20 to 10 to 5 to . . .   the sound of crickets chirping. 

I'll try to mow off the 'imaginary weeds' growing on my blog by posting more often since I'm starting to fall back into my 'old' routine at my new place.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

Richer, that's the name of the restaurant that we tried out through Melly's recommendation while we were in Paris earlier this year. It's located on 2 Rue Richer :)

After a series of eating at a few letdown 'Tripadvisor' recommended restaurants, eating here was like my meal redemption moment during our Paris trip. 

Service was so good and so was the food at Richer.

The weather during our trip to Paris wasn't too good with bouts of drizzling throughout the day.

We arrived at the restaurant rather early but they allowed us to sit inside, which to me is good service in Paris. We had a bad experience at another restaurant where we had to stand outside for '10' minutes because we arrived 10 minutes early and had to wait in the cold outside!

Asperges blanches, mayonnaise, noisettes et fera fumée

We couldn't read the menu in French and the waiter was so kind to translate it for us.

Creme de champignons, sot l'y laisse confit, chips de polenta et pourpier

Pigeon roti, cuisse confit, royal d' artichauts au foin et kalamata

Gigot d' agneau roti, ail des ours, carottes au pain d'epices et salsifis

Ganache chocolaté au lait, sorbet pomme et noisettes caramelisees

Comme un macaron, fraises / estragon, caramel beurre sale et glace vanille

I would highly recommend Richer!
The food is so so good and price wise, it's 'value for money' during lunch time ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Time after time.

This post is totally unrelated to the pics above but, I hate how time is flying so fast.

And it makes me sad whenever I reflect on the week
and realise how I rarely have time for myself these days.

Even 'blogging' is a luxury because it means that I have the energy
and have some time to squeeze in a post.

Maybe I need another holiday. SIGH.
But at the same time, there's just a lot to spend on the house.
And I can't decide on what I really want if I had to pick one
because I want both.

I want it alllllll.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pictures of the Past.

Whenever I look at my pre-wedding pics, I will feel OLD.

It sure feels as though I have been married for ages
although it has only been a month!

And I have not even gotten my wedding pictures yet (and I kind of forgot about it already) -_-

Many have asked me how has married life been treating me?
For the fact that I am feeling old… it sure does says something.

I started my married life on an extremely real note.

It wasn't Do Re Mi.
Or La La La either.

It was like starting on an F sharp scale.

I knew what I was in for but yet, you can never fully prepare yourself for it
until you're IN IT.

And to think that if I didn't go for the marriage counselling sessions beforehand. . . . 
I wouldn't know how to cope with life after marriage.
I know I sound so dramatic BUT it's a drastic change for me.

End of the day, what do the fancy pre wedding pictures and lavish (subjective) wedding reception really mean?

For me, it was just an experience.
A rite of passage that I am blessed to have been able to experience.

And to have some pictures to have to look back upon to remember the joyous affair
and to look back at it and go - "…. this is how we used to look like back then."

What matters most to me now is
making the most out of this short life.

Discovering myself, discovering us and discovering this beautiful union.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. - Mark 10:9

Monday, July 28, 2014

So much has changed.

I have so much to write. So much to say. So many memories have been made in the past one month. I have entered into a 'whole new world' - with new horizons to pursue I'll chase them anywhere la la la la.

The transitioning phase was tough for me in the first week.

I was rather emotional about leaving my home to a new home - I cried buckets during the first few days. My friends probably think that I'm being silly because my new home is 5-10 minutes away from my parents' home -_-

…..but it's that familiar comfort that I am having a hard time letting go. It hurts like a bad break up. 

I've been keeping myself 'busy' with our home by focusing on shopping for household items as opposed to crying under my blanket (true story). LOL. 

That aside, I am actually excited about furnishing the house!
I realised that as age catches up, so does the expenses due to the shift in interests.

From clothes to bags to shoes …
to ovens and cake mixers and cupboards and wardrobes.

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x 

I have so many things to write about. Major backlog of events.
Am so happy that this weekend is a long weekend !!!!

One thing's for sure - regardless of whether you're a primary school kid or a working adult - everybody LOVES public holidays wheeeee. 

Some things never do change. I've hated Mondays since I was a kid.

Anyway, I'm going off tangent again as usual.

Time to document my 'ROM' which technically, isn't my 'ROM' because I didn't sign my papers on that day itself. July 5th was our wedding solemnisation @ Sage.

Random fact : Mike asked for my parents' permission for my hand in marriage over lunch @ Sage (without my knowledge, of course).

I truly love the food at Sage. If I could do it all over again, I would want my wedding reception to be at Sage and be over and done with there…but unfortunately, we couldn't have it there as the maximum capacity at Sage is 100 pax.

I downloaded an invite template online and edited the wordings on and sent it to the printing shop.

I deem myself as a relatively frugal bride. Hahaha.
I try to save wherever I can save if I can really help it (or, if I'm not lazy hehe).

Furthermore, we had two events so we had to pay for two separate days (make up artist, flowers, invites, photographer, videographer) hence the need for more frugality. 

We didn't want to squeeze everything in a day because it would have been so stressful and tiring as advised by most of our married friends.

Fresh flowers in my hair.

I didn't have any trial make up or hair session because I didn't want to spend extra unnecessarily.
I used two different make up artists for both events and I had to trust them in entirety.

Mike sent me the pic of the table set up because he arrived there earlier than me and I was curious to see how it turned out,

Very happy with our florist - she did a great job.

Mike has also been buying bouquets of flowers from her for special occasions and I absolutely love her flower arrangements.

With my family

With E4 ;)

With my bridesmaids

With friends // colleagues :)

Can't wait to see the final pictures!

My wedding shoes for the solemnisation

My wedding bouquet

Wedding favours - My grandma spent 2 whole days helping to make Coconut Jam (a.k.a Kaya).

We have been so blessed by everybody's kindness.

Thank God for everybody in our lives who have helped us tremendously (from emceeing to singing to decorating and from even to securing the venue because Sage doesn't do Saturday lunches) and also for all the guests who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend our solemnisation :)