Friday, April 3, 2015

A Cheesy Affair

During CNY, my aunt said that I ought to invite relatives over to my house (since I just got married) . . . 
so I hosted a simple dinner with the help of my mum
who brought over her fried bee noon and barley gingko for dessert.

I on the other hand, made a bacon and mushroom quiche (with 3 different cheeses), pizza and a cheese cake. Cheese overload.

Bacon and mushroom quiche that I made the night before

Pizza ingredients

Seafood pizza toppings - scallops and prawns

Super chunky

Oreo cheesecake for dessert

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CNY 2015

I realised that I didn't even do a CNY post this year (which is a mandatory post for me) . . . so that I can look back and reminisce on the CNY that came and went.

Reunion dinner this year was with my 'new' family.
Such is life after marriage.
I went to Ming Room (which was the same place that I went with my family the year before).

The 1st day of CNY was a food filled day (as usual).
Scrumptious meals cooked by the grandmother.

Also had dinner at her place on the 3rd day of CNY.
I'm amazed how she manages to cook up a storm
for so many people !!!!

Even I find cooking for 2 tiring sometimes.

Been telling myself that I have to learn how to cook from my grandmother
but I've been procrastinating !

I told myself that I'd start this year, so we shall see :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

HK 2015

Just piccies :)

Wonder where and when will my next holiday be.

2015 - this year is truly a year of change for me
and it's about time. 

I've been waiting for 'the day' for the longest time
and it's finally happening.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

High Tea @ Ritz Carlton HK

I personally feel that the money spent here was worth every cent.

I really enjoyed the yummy goodies in the tea set,
the beautiful view, ambience and of course,
the most important thing of all - company! :)

Mike ordered a lobster bisque for himself.

Tea for 2 :)

The Pierre Herme macaron of the day was Salted Caramel. Yummy.

The set has got quite a good selection - mini burgers, smoked salmon focaccia, duck foie gras mousse macaroni, vegetable quiche, pistachio chocolate cannel, orange jivara and cinnamon verrine, mango ginger choux, lemon mint bar and both plain and raison scones with jam and clotted cream.

The view

Monday, March 16, 2015

Day trip to Cheung Chau, HK

The initial plan was to head to Tai O as we wanted to do something a lil different from our usual HK travels (ie. hanging out in the city all day long). However, the hotel staff mentioned that if you're Chinese, there's nothing much to see in Tai O because you've 'seen it all' before - Tai O is famous for its fishing villages on stilts.

So we decided to scrap that plan and went to Cheung Chau instead, as recommended by my mum's friend for some good seafood.

We rented a bicycle to cycle around the little Island.

Faster faster horsey!!!

There's a market on the island that sells lots of live seafood.

The restaurant that we went to told us that we had to buy the seafood from the market and bring it to them to cook because they do not stock any. 

I think that it's best to go early to the market because we went there around 1 p.m. and most shops were already closed. Only a handful were still open. 

Nothing like fresh seafood!

Was hoping to get bigger prawns but . . . these were the biggest from the stall that we went to.

I love prawnies.

Bamboo clams. It was my first time eating this, believe it or not.