Wednesday, June 17, 2015


So much has changed in the span of a month.

Things that I was looking forward to initially
have now changed.

On Monday, Mike and I went to open a joint bank account
and the lady helping us to fill up the form asked me -
"What is your occupation?"


I am officially unemployed and loving it.

I am just so thankful to have a supportive husband
who has allowed me to take time off
to live life FREE (although it's only temporal - but it's better than nothing).

I know most people in general would feel LOST
especially after having a 9-5 job for the past few years
only to wake up and having literally
NOTHING to think about -
but I just love it.

I love that I can sleep in all day.

I've been enjoying my alone time
even though it's only been ONE day thus far that I've been alone . . .
but I think that I might start becoming reclusive
because it's just so nice to be at home.

And because I've mentally prepared myself for this very day -
the day when I would leave work -
I have managed to overcome
my satiation for shopping (for now)
so I'm pretty lazy to go out because
nothing really interests me.

And I think that I'm starting to become super aunty
and it does worry me if I start becoming
to comfortable in my own skin.

I'm getting lazier to dress up or put make up on.
I actually sound depressed.

JULY please come soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crack Pork

Once upon a time, I used to be an eager beaver
when it came to hunting for new eateries.

Today, there are just SO MANY new places
and my purse can't keep up with the dining scene -_-

I'm glad that I spent when I could back then
and to a certain extent, I am glad that I used to splurge 
on the "finer" things in life for the moment and for the experience.

Perhaps, it was a phase back then for me -
the spending phase
and now, it's all about saving saving saving ….
(when it always should have been the other way round - save then spend). 

x  x x  x  x x

During one of the weekends, we had a pork fest -
my sis suggested to try out Crack Pork in Kota Damansara.

These days, I rely on my sis for restaurant recommendations
because every other week she seems to be going somewhere new.
The perks of having no financial obligations. 

Once upon a time, I knew how that felt like.

We ordered almost everything on the menu
and my personal favourite item was the porchetta sandwich - YUM!

Even the dessert has PORK (bacon) in it ^^

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day - This year

This year, we had brunch for lunch because my dad attended a meeting in the morning.
11 a.m. brunch became 1 p.m. lunch.

All credit goes to my sister for preparing the food.
I just helped out with the plating and paying (for groceries).

Looking at this pic makes me realise how much I miss using a camera. 

When you thought that your iPhone camera was good enough . . . . . 
a digital camera still wins hands down.

Smoked salmon and juicy bacon with guacamole on corn and zucchini fritters with tomato salsa and mushrooms on the side.

I went to Touche Cafe early in the morning to grab 'em pastries.

My mum LOVES the nut pastry and is always asking to go there so we thought that it would be a good idea to buy it for her as dessert for Mother's Day.

Pan fried fish for the grandmother because she doesn't eat alotta things.

New addition to the family this Mother's Day.